Atlas - Bioshock 1

 Protip: To make Fontaine, give him the bald haircut and a moustache. That's how they made his portrait lololol.
Also this and Bridgette are a bit outdated now... I don't use the skintones or eyes anymore... I recommend pooklet for skins and shady@mts for eyes if you wish to make him look prettier.



Redoing LJ

 I'm going to delete old irrelevant posts and put my GoS stuff here. I'm not deleting them from GoS, but from now on, all of my character sims will be posted here. No specific reason, I've just been lurking more on GoS and I want all of my sims stuff in one spot for future use.

I'm not happy with Eleanor, but I'll post Sinclair when I feel up to it. I have LOADS of work for university. It's ridiculous. @_@